A note from the creator.....

I couldnt believe my luck today i found a whole lead pencil ...totally

free. Oh that may sound like its nothing but thats almost 100 cartoons more i can draw, also its opening up all sorts of possibilities for my imagination.

My first job when i left school was working in a factory , it wasnt the most interesting job until i put my handy drawing skills to work and started drawing more efficient ways the manufacturing machines could be slightly redesigned or modified to save materials. The management thought it was great "save money" , this made my job into mission if i could design better proccesses that would help me too! The best was yet to come the big boss up stairs who owned the whole factory said to me "if you can modify or redesign our production machines we will give you a percentage of the savings". Well now my mission

just turned into a financial benefit. After nine months of ideas i was being paid more for my ideas than my weekly wage. Then one day i was working at my mission in the factory and i looked up and saw three managers from upstairs walking towards me looking very serious. One of them said " you like drawing dont you?" , i said "yes". not sure whether he was going to say something negative. " Well we figure that all this drawing you have been doing we better put it to good use, starting monday would you like to start a drafting apprenticeship with our research and development team.". I thought about it and looked

at the manager and said " I can do that ."

My imagination was developed even further by understanding that communication and imagination make oppurtunities every minute of the day. Why look at every day through

                        same perspective. A good imagination is something you can have for

                        free, no monthly payments , totally new every time you use it. But it

                        takes you to amazing places . It all started from a pencil .